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About Us

Founded in the year 2001, RAPI-COIL® is an Indian company which has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel helical AISI 304/316 grade Screw Thread Inserts, INCONeL x750 inserts, complete Thread Reparing Boxed Helical kits and Insert Installation Tools. Earlier, the sales were targeted at the foreign markets only, but from the year 2018, RAPI-COIL® started creating an impact in the Indian market as well.


Our Highlights

Products manufactured by Rapi-Coil are sold all over India and in more than 25+ countries, including the U.S.A, UK, Germany, France, Holland, Austria, Czech Republic, Australia, New Zealand, Far East, Africa & many Middle East countries.


Our Mission

To become the first choice for customers to rely on when it comes to quality, increase sales globally and satisfy any needs that customers of thread repairing tools may have.

Our Values

We place a strong emphasis on quality while also working to provide our clients with “value for money” by keeping our pricing highly competitive.

Our Team

Since no great deal has ever accomplished without a team who constantly work to bring the best out of everything. The smooth working of the company is made possible by them.


Message from our Director


Welcome to RAPI-COIL®

I hope you will discover more about the characteristics that set our business apart as you browse our website. We have consistently upheld the quality of our products, which has helped us win the respect and trust of customers throughout the years.

I'm hoping that these give you a few reasons to learn more about RAPI-COIL. Whether you're a potential client, a business partner, or a future employee, we're interested in learning how we might collaborate to bring service to life.



Manish Moudgill​

Raashika Industries Private Limited


These inserts provide a convenient means of repairing stripped-out threads and are also used to provide stronger
threads in soft materials such as aluminum, zinc die castings, wood, plastic, magnesium etc. than can be obtained by direct tapping of the base metal involved. Other common generic names are Screw Thread Insert (STI) and Wire Thread Insert. Its applications include engine cylinder head repair after unintentional over-torque or cross-threading of spark plugs strips the thread of the socket. Thread Repairing Kits with matched tap and coil exist for this application and many others, where either a damaged thread is repaired or a new thread is formed.

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